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Hosting & Cloud Services

Reduce Costs with Dignite Hosting & Cloud Services

Dignite Cloud Services provides organizations with a fully integrated, proven SAP software solution to manage business processes in a cloud-based offering. A single monthly or quarterly subscription fee per user includes software, hardware, service, and support – all provided by Dignite and our trusted hosting partners.

We take care of deployment and our preferred partners take responsibility for application and infrastructure management services, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Software updates are also provided to ensure that you are always running the latest version. Applications and servers are located in highly secure data centers that feature a wide range of physical and network safeguards to protect your sensitive business data.

Dignite offers On-Premise to Cloud migration, Cloud operations (AWS, Azure, Alibaba) services, Hosting services, Landscape management on Cloud. 

Dignite Cloud Services 

Lowers your total cost of ownership

Accelerates time to value

Focuses on your core business

Reduces risk

Improves cash flow

Runs the most current software

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